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Head chefs

Ning Feng Liang, Main Kitchen
Ning Feng Liang, Head Chef of Wing Tai's main kitchen since 2014. He specializes in seafood dishes as well as being highly skilled in traditional Chinese banquets for special occasions. All main dishes are produced by Ning Feng Liang and his team, from fried rice and noodles, to favorites such as sweet & sour spare ribs.
With over 11 years experience in creating and producing banquets, it is no surprise guests are delighted with their dining experience. Having started cooking since the age of 21, he gained vast cooking knowledge and guidance from his family in Hong Kong. Ning Feng Liang loves to experiment with food and different flavours to develop beautifully tasting food.

Our recommendation: Baked King Prawns with Spicy Salt & Pepper.

Chun Choi Yip, Roast Barbecued Meat Department 

Chun Choi Yip, Head Chef of Wing Tai's Roast Barbecued Meat Department since 2012. He is renowned for his delicious duck, beautifully crisp, crispy belly pork and succulent roast baby pig. Chun Choi Yip has vast experience in the art of Barbecuing meat using traditional techniques. Starting in 1979 in Hong Kong, he has worked all over the world even as a Head Chef in a 5-star hotel in Saipan, USA. It is no surprise that roast meats are his favorite to eat, and utilities this love to produce the great tasting roast meat.

Our recommendation: 3 Choice of Meat (Roast Duck, Crispy Roast Pork Belly & Char Siu).

Wai Sui Yu, Dim Sum

Wai Sui Yu, Dim Sum Head Chef of Wing Tai Restaurant since 2008, when Wing Tai was first opened. All dim sum is hand-made on site by Wai Sui Yu and his team with the focus on crafting high quality dim sum whilst producing the large quantities that our customers love. Wai Sui Yu has worked for over 50 years in the catering industry with years of experience in London's China Town as well as numerous large Chinese restaurants. Wai Sui Yu says that fresh ingredients are essential in making great tasting dim sum. He is most renowned for his "Har Kau" Prawn Dumplings, and is known as "Har Gor" or Prawn Brother. 

Our recommendation: Har Kau or Special Dim Sum (weekdays only) Deep Fried "Har Kau"

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